“Wem gehört die StAdt?!”


Tomorrow your atten-dance is much needed, when we will claim our space in Berlin at the „Wem gehört die Stadt?“ demonstration. Izzi Bizzi is bringing us in the right mind B2B with Alva from 3 till 5 pm, next to Inhalt der Nacht, Echoes Of October, Frank Heise and Philipp Drube on the Kollektiv Kirsch Truck. We start at U Eberswalder Straße – 3 pm. Let’s get out of our beloved dark corners and unify on the bright public streets once more, so that our firing solidarity, joyful diversity and love will be heard and seen. Be part of our dance rebellion! Supporting crews: Ismus, STAUB, Tresor.Berlin and many more! After the Demo: Extinction Rebellion – Solidarity Party.