Tobias Hall.

As a DJ, producer and founder of the event series „What about Techno?“, Tobias Hall has created his own interpretation of electronic music. His sound is described as melodic and rhythm driven industrial techno with a positive attitude to psy and acid. In his early years he was influenced by the hardtechno and psytrance scene and started collaborations with several event organizers in Germany. After playing international gigs and being a booker and resident at the Munich techno club „Grinsekatze“ he moved to Berlin to get the influences he was searching for. Since then, he started to play in clubs like Tresor, Griessmuehle, Jonny Knüppel or Mensch Meyer and became a member of the Berlin based label BIPØLAR. His debut EP „Innocent“ was released on EUN Records.
#Industrial Techno
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