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BipølAr. Series 017 by Specific Objects

Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Specific Objects started his musical aspirations in 2015 when he began producing club-ready techno that eventually led to a first release on Betanol Records. Soon after he developed an interest in deejaying as well and played his first gigs in 2016. Signing on the newly found MEAT Recordings in the beginning…


BipølAr. Series 016 by U.K. bAsed Artist TekrA

Tekra has an ability to create infused Techno styles of harmonic and atmospheric sounds to dark and industrial noise, which captures the imagination and has become a trademark of his work. Enjoy! <3 #Tekra #Bipølar. Series 016 #Podcast  


Bipølar. Series 015 by VUUDUU & RO/AD

Vuuduu and RO/AD are Hamburg based DJ’s and producers, well known for their rave series resource. Recently they had their debut release [OHNE002] on the freshly founded underground label ohne kommerziellen Wert from Hamburg. Enjoy the powerful journey to rave-heaven! ☢️ #VUUDUU & RO/AD #Bipølar. Series 015 #Podcast