2019 manifested itself as a mirror of duality. We did our first Columbia tour, encouraging every single one of us to grow individually simultaneously evolving together as a group. After the second Alien Ritual in February that filled us with a lot of gratitude we had to cancel the third edition due to unpredictable circumstances. At the same time we lost our headquarter to the unstoppable force of gentrification. Appreciate your family, be aware of your environment, trust your intuition. Recognize times when stability is needed but benefit from the flow when it comes to growth. Knowing when borders shall be opened equally when it is necessary to shelter your innermost. What ever 2020 may bring – the surrounding may only be the picture we aim to create, building new dreams on top of the ruins of the old. Let’s jump in it, heads held high without giving a single fuck about yesterday. Remember the future – the future is now.