BipølAr. [0720]

Thursday 13, February 2020 - 6:09 pm


15|02 IZZI BIZZI | Conne Island Leipzig 🇩🇪

Art by Samuel Farrand

BipølAr. [0620]

Friday 7, February 2020 - 12:14 pm

Nick Giasullo

08|02 IZZI BIZZI | Transit Chemnitz 🇩🇪
08|02 RASVAL | Transit Chemnitz 🇩🇪
08|02 ONES. | Transit Chemnitz 🇩🇪
08|02 GLSKY | Transit Chemnitz 🇩🇪
08|02 FREDERICK | Transit Chemnitz 🇩🇪
09|02 IZZI BIZZI | Pal Hamburg 🇩🇪

Art by Nick Giasullo

TrAnsit x BipølAr.

Thursday 6, February 2020 - 12:10 pm


Transit welcomes back Bipølar. a Berlin based art & music collective for the second time in the year of twos. Four artists and a live vocalist collect you for a holistic trip through the versatility of techno, shaping a well-rounded impression – whether technoid, trippy, tough, rapid or entirely unexpected. In addition the faces behind the well known event series Elements from ://about blank Berlin – THNTS and Reka Zalan incorporate their unique characteristics perfectly as just as one fine selection of Chemnitz artists to ultimately generate a strong tractive power all 2gether! KRAFT Design contributes with his huge art installation “Goliath” which will come to life with a new concept of visuals.
Come early, stay long: A ceremonial opening performance at 11:00 pm by Anna Ground (alias Izzi Bizzi) and vocalist Frederick.waw will create a powerful intimacy bringing together an experimental style between powerful breakbeats, compelling, auditory realms and soothing up to edgy vocals. Doors open at 22:30 pm.

ThAnk you iFZ x NebulA

Wednesday 5, February 2020 - 10:03 pm


Thank you to all the wacky ravers, Institut für Zukunft & the top-notch Nebula Collective gang. Fckn great to have shared these explosive energies together on a high level! 💥🥊 Remember the future – The future is now 🌊

BipølAr. [0520]

Friday 31, January 2020 - 1:52 pm


01|02 IZZI BIZZI | Institut für Zukunft Leipzig 🇩🇪
01|02 RASVAL | Institut für Zukunft Leipzig 🇩🇪
01|02 GLSKY | Institut für Zukunft Leipzig 🇩🇪
01|02 ONES. | Institut für Zukunft Leipzig 🇩🇪
01|02 FREDERICK | Institut für Zukunft Leipzig 🇩🇪

Art by Dimitry Krotevich

New PodcAst by GLSKY for NebulA

Friday 31, January 2020 - 10:02 am


Get livened up for the weekend with GLSKY’s Podcast for Nebula Kollektiv. You’ll gain an impression of his mindset and what pres:zure could feel like. This saturday – Nebula presents: Pre:szure × Bipølar.- get ya asses on the dancefloor!

Artwork by Alinea-Techno.