BipølAr. [038]

Wednesday 18, September 2019 - 7:09 pm


20|09  IZZI BIZZI | MS Treue Bremen 🇩🇪
20|09  RASVAL | MS Treue Bremen 🇩🇪
21|09  IZZI BIZZI | IPSE Berlin 🇩🇪

Art by yo.vo

BipølAr. Series [021] | AstronomicAl TelegrAm

Friday 13, September 2019 - 7:26 pm


Astronomical Telegram, as a secret message, transcoded from the creative thoughts in the tomb, which is sent to the space of the dreamers to capture directly into the sound system. At the age of 23, the Medellín based Astronomical Telegram appears with his first releases on labels such as Labrynth and Reaktivate, the latter pressed on a 12-inch disc that includes a remix of the famous Ukrainian producer Stanilav Tolkachev, shortly after Daniel is received in Berlin. Secondary seal Naked Index of “Frozen Broder” was also released on 12 inches and sold at the legendary Hardwax record store; release which AT is played in the best Techno clubs in the world such as Tresor, Berghain among others, played by great djs like Steffi or Sigha by some names.


Tuesday 10, September 2019 - 7:53 pm

bipolar_frederick poetry

“Ich denke, dass die Brände unserer grünen Lunge im Amazonasgebiet eine Haltung unserer Gesellschaft widerspiegelt, die wir als Individuum in unserem Mikrokosmos sehr wohl beeinflussen können.” BE AWARE OF THE POWER. “I think that the fires of our green lung in the Amazon region reflect an attitude of our society, that we as individuals in our microcosm can very well influence.” – FREDERICK

BipølAr. [035]

Saturday 7, September 2019 - 10:06 am


07|09  IZZI BIZZI | Wem gehört die Stadt? Berlin 🇩🇪
08|09  ONES. | IFA Berlin 🇩🇪

Art by Silly Jane.

“Wem gehört die StAdt?!”

Friday 6, September 2019 - 7:43 pm


Tomorrow your atten-dance is much needed, when we will claim our space in Berlin at the „Wem gehört die Stadt?“ demonstration. Izzi Bizzi is bringing us in the right mind B2B with Alva from 3 till 5 pm, next to Inhalt der Nacht, Echoes Of October, Frank Heise and Philipp Drube on the Kollektiv Kirsch Truck. We start at U Eberswalder Straße – 3 pm. Let’s get out of our beloved dark corners and unify on the bright public streets once more, so that our firing solidarity, joyful diversity and love will be heard and seen. Be part of our dance rebellion! Supporting crews: Ismus, STAUB, Tresor.Berlin and many more! After the Demo: Extinction Rebellion – Solidarity Party.


BipølAr. supports „Wem gehört die StAdt?“

Monday 2, September 2019 - 9:51 pm


Berlin has to remain a place for everyone. A place that’s not about your background, your wallet or your gender role – because everyone has his spot in it – a city, in which different lifestyles can exist side by side and benefit from the existence of each other. Human is human and needs space for living and personal development. The polarization of our city is a symptom of the social division that threatens our society. But we won’t let ourselves be split in our fights! We show how diverse, colorful and classless a city can be. We stand and celebrate together against a social rollback, against racism, nationalism, sexism, homophobia and for a indivisible city. For this we will claim the streets on September 7th. With pounding basses, firing solidarity and a message that blows away the hatred of the few. “Bassen” instead of hate! together, united! Let’s discuss, network and exchange. Let’s celebrate together, argue and form new visions. Politics takes place not only in parliaments but also on the streets. Our city is what we make of it. Supporting crews: Ismus, STAUB, Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) and many more!