BipølAr. Series 027 – Discrete Circuit

Friday 24, April 2020 - 2:16 pm


Confident consistency thrilled by intuitive drive create the special energetic aura which established Discrete Circuit as an integral part of the electronic music scene. The creative vibrancy of Berlin, the soul of Detroit and UK’s dark aesthetics influence his uncompromising sound showing off our latest podcast.


Friday 24, April 2020 - 2:05 pm


New mental and hypnotic podcast by Rasval for the Colombian based collective The Hindie Corporation – THC

Anna Ground | Grießmühle Berlin

Friday 24, April 2020 - 2:01 pm


Anna Ground composes the smart tension between drone & asymmetric rhythms while evolving a bleak but lightly optimistic atmosphere. She creates a powerful intimacy by bringing together an experimental style between compelling and fragile breakbeats, soothing up to edgy vocals. Anna Ground explores the increase of inner healing through the risen shamanic vibes. Her debut set was recorded on Christmas Eve 2019 at Grießmuehle.


Friday 24, April 2020 - 1:59 pm


Between the daily fight for our political opinion and against commercialization of our culture, you sometimes need to feel that there already exists a place of pure love and community. The idea is to share. They are not a closed society, happy in their own little bubble. No! They go further and share their love, knowledge and security with like minded labels, collectives, musicians and people. Let’s do the same for them! Help this beautiful reality to survive! Keep the vibes alive! Remember the future, the future is now!


New MeditAtion by AwenitA

Sunday 12, April 2020 - 9:32 am


Be guided through this “self care” meditation of our Bipølar. member Awenita. Supported by Anna Ground with 174 Hz & 432 Hz frequencies to calm the mind and encourage focus.

Going through ChAnges

Sunday 12, April 2020 - 9:18 am


BE AWARE OF YOUR INNER BULLSHIT ! You and I are going through changes. Maybe you can relate that the last two weeks kind of felt unreal to us. There has been this mixed “emotions-cocktail” of joy, anxiety, compassion, desperation, hopefulness… (you name it) concerning personal stuff and the messages we’re getting from all over. Change forces us to deal with losing and saying “goodbye” to old versions and perspectives of our lives, our habits, our jobs, or any other kind of belongings. That could mean good or bad news and everyone deals different with it. So, how to handle your situation – fight, flight, freeze? We all have unique responses to shocking life events but one general, very crucial resource to wrestle with changes, its consequences and all the emotions that are brought up: AWARENESS.

  1. Shock: anxiety state (flight, fight, freeze) come into your body, perceive and express emotions, take time to rest
  2. Disbelief, denial: passive (waiting) or active resistance (action) ask yourself: what are you approving by saying “no” to something
  3. Rational acceptance: to know the change will stay emotions are coming up (frustration etc.), make room for them
  4. Emotional acceptance: to see how it is and what’s no more. letting go hurts – take your time to grief & say goodbye
  5. Experimentation: trial and error take time to learn, don’t fear mistakes, be patient with your process – no one is born a master.
  6. Search for meaning: realizing what’s possible gaining competence and confidence
  7. Integration: the old new is now normal take time to celebrate your learnings and process

This chart by Prof. Dr. Streich displays the 7 phases that are constantly recurring in our lives. It’s a process which is not linear – it’s typical to return to e.g.. “shock” when you already felt “rational acceptance”, to avoid a phase, or feel pressured to skip one to be seemingly more “efficient”. Be cautious towards your reactions because those can make us mentally and physically sick if we unconsciously got stuck in a certain behavior. Try to show kindness to yourself and allow to express the whole spectrum of feeling without any judgements! As we aspire consciousness, our self-efficacy will be revealed in every situation. Everybody holds the potential of change – you do, I do, we do!

IF YOU FEEL YOU WANT TO CHANGE SOMETHING WHY BOTHER, WHY ME: There are many people suffering way more than you probably do at the moment. Does this make you feel guilt, anger, shame, love, nothing – why? Go deeper. This is not about guilt, this is about compassion. Your heart will tell you what to do and how to do it. Trust in yourself and we’ll be able to make it together. BE ENCOURAGED: The crises on our planet scream at us to slow down, take self-responsibility and refocus on our community spirit. You influence your environment by the way you talk, give your money and spend your time. Let’s approach each other without the fear of being “messy” and create healthy spaces for arguments. Communication and thoughtful action is what will build up connection. Let’s share SINCERE thoughts, RAW feelings, CLEAR informations and FRESH ideas with people in public positions and those close to our hearts – go deeper – and take small actions in creative ways. Energy flows where we focus on. OUR CHANGE, OUR CHOICE: We hope we’ve made clear that there are many good ways to give. Our personally chosen community, the club- and subculture of Berlin, also relies on support. For sure there is no guarantee that these donations will save our local clubs but we want to fill them with some hope and show our heart by supporting them financially on startnext.

SUPPORT your local service provider GÖRNERSCHWEIZER

Be aware of your fucking power! Love, Bipølar.