Titel: STFU 
Producer: Izzi Bizzi 
Remixes: Tobias Hall, Rasval & Ones.
Vocals: Cloudy Verdecia 
Mastering: ALHEK Mastering 
Label: Bipølar. 
Creative direction: Charlot van Heeswijk 
Performance: Patrizia Bieri 
DOP: Clemens Barth 
Stylist: Sebastian Schwarz 
Make-Up artist: Anna Luft 
1. AC: propanee 
Gaffer: Jannis Tiedemann 
Florist: Birte Homann

Release Date:
4 February 2019
all rights reserved
© 2019 Bipølar. Berlon 
The full EP "STFU" by IZZI BIZZI with remixes by TOBIAS HALL, RASVAL & ONES. is now available on Bandcamp! We were lucky to have a bunch of dedicated Berlin based artists team up to create an official music video to the original version of ‚STFU‘ to visualize the track’s message. The goal was to give artists a platform to create and showcase their work – the video is the result of joint forces, shared dedication and a deeply rooted love for music, techno and the arts. Show your love by listening, watching, liking and sharing the music and video!
#Izzi Bizzi
‚STFU’ is IZZI BIZZI‘s first release on her Berlin based label Bipølar. An unusually long, spheric but intense build up guides the listener towards an unexpected change of energy. The heavy kick drums open up the musical story of ‚STFU‘. The heart and climax of the track are distorted female shouting vocals that transport the message of the track’s title. The driving acid synths which, alongside the tightening percussive netting, give the track its unique groove.
‚STFU‘ is not your usual peak-time banger. It‘s an emotional journey with a powerful message. Reminding the listener of a voice inside that knows, we’ve never been wrong and we have the power and freedom to release ourselves from the pain we‘ve been through! In this way it creates a space for vulnerability, strength, authenticity and the power of choice. It‘s time to stand up and say „Shut the fuck up!“
Music Video.


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