Don’t be ignorAnt, it’s our business!


There are moments in life that are about coming together to set things in motion and those that are about taking a united stand to contain or stop a movement. The extent of how much we can count on ourselves and our environment shapes the well-being of our earth, our society and the cultural areas we want to live in. The crises on our planet scream at us to slow down, take self-responsibility and refocus on our community spirit. Our chosen community, the club culture of Berlin, relies on our support, too. Every club that closes its doors assumes the necessary responsibility that can only be carried on many shoulders. We can help by signing the petition of Clubcommission Berlin and donate the money we would have spent for partying to upcoming crowdfunds. Please show respect by not going to any club. (The last one is a bitter pill for us all to swallow.) Our heart goes out especially to all owners of endangered clubs, all artists, employees, collectives, bookers, promoters, event managers and everybody that depends on their income.
“Club culture has always had a mantra of ‘Do whatever you want, as long as it’s not hurting others.’ Now is a really good time to wrestle with that a little.” – Kyle Geiger ❤️
(instagram post, 11.03.2020)

Art by Elena Romenkova