Pre-christmas period is the time for reflection and contemplation expressed by genuine emotions. Related to the loss of our homebase we’re facing changes in and around our inner circle, which frightened us in advance. By watching ourselves carefully followed by deep conversations within our team we meanwhile realized the chance to restructure and focus on the things that really matter. The tribe is your home, your family – and this is where your home base shall be, because home is not tied to a place, it is an intense feeling.
So, let’s embrace this ongoing process of finding motivation to follow our passion even in times of hardship, gaining trust in the unknown whilst not losing the magic unleashed by the natural flow of life. More than ever it’s essential to stand together in times like these, always mindfully remembering to care for each other – even more when you may not always feel like it. Time is the crucial factor when it comes to this indescribable aura emanated by certain places. What makes them unique is their transitory – being at the right place surrounded by the right people at the right time – these factors are the stuff of legends and anecdotes.
We are incredibly grateful that we had the chance to participate and grow with and within the KEMP. But now it’s time to move on kicking fear’s ass – stay badass, stay bipølar.! 🧨