Izzi Bizzi: “It has been a long time since I stood behind the DJ booth visible to the public. Sharing energies together with @Alva just having fun meant a lot to me. It reconnected me to my passion which let me start with Djing: it’s to spread coherence. Back to back means achieving intimacy and being ready to throw the ego personality overboard, to focus on the present moment working with the mutual flow. This connection is so precious because we go through ups and downs – back to back – face to face. Nevertheless it has been strange to perform without you as an audience. I miss these electrifying club nights together with the crowd, merging into one. Without a crowd celebrating the sound actively something really vital is missing: the direct dialogue. Obviously the situation holds something very special in it and I know that people at home participate actively as well. THANK YOU to all you free spirits out there devoting themselves to the beauty of music. It’s on my heart that we all take care of each other and not forget about the people who may feel lost without clubbing. Within my circle of acquaintances some people killed themselves or overdosed – out of desperation. Addiction overlays the symptoms of an inner unsolved conflict which can eat you up from the inside. Especially in this current situation many people can no longer see a way out. In our scene characterized by consumption as an integral part it is crucial to not look away or play down craving. We should as a scene, in which every single person is a part of, have an eye on our community. If something seems strange, ask! Be sensitive! In these hard times it is so important to support each other. This means not taking full responsibility for a threatened person but taking the essential steps to help. This may be a call at a rehab clinic, a motivational talk or worst case scenario: calling the emergency. As I work as a nurse in a rehab I can assure you that there are solutions. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these are always the saving steps for someone… But try to be brave and talk openly in your circle of friends, be honest. Everything else harms the soul. Please do not look the other way, just because it feels easier! Be alert, Bring it up proactively, don’t judge. Our scene has many good points, but consumption can be a very dark side, having the potential to break necks. I don’t want to start an anti-drug campaign here, I just want to call attention to individuals dealing with psychological issues. Leave no one behind! <3 Full video here:”