Bipølar. is a berlin-based brand and label of musicians, artists & creative minds which has been established in 2016. In order to visualize the contrast between intuition, structure and aesthetics in contemporary art, we follow the vision to keep the authentic spirit of our human roots alive. The way we come together is inspired by respecting the holistic principles. 

We believe in the emerging art as the strongest revolutionary force, because it is based on human creativity, self-determination and self-government - essential for finding creative and innovative ways which lead us into future. Bipølar. is defined by the union of spirit, art & music.

The Last Supper.

Our Universe.


The brand and music label was founded in 2016. It’s a collective of musicians, artists and creative minds. The way we host parties and produce music is inspired by the bipolarity of all things. The art that comes alive in this offers a possibility to enter a cosmos of contrasts, and to be liberated to live for the present and is essential for finding creative and innovativ ways which leads us into future.
The poles of two extremes, symbiotically fusing the combination of dissonance and harmony as well as reflecting the audible dynamics of life. It is a celebration of the unique existence of every individual combined with the alliance of all beings in the bipolar cosmos.


The Last Supper.