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Before we all had to take a long break for 2 years, we celebrated with Duat, one of our last events. In the meantime, a lot has changed for all of us in our microcosm of club culture from several perspectives. Many clubs, labels and collectives still exist today because we were willing and able to not compete but to help each other. It was shown once again that collaboration doesn’t exclude individuality but it serves individual self-realization, inspires new approaches and encourages solidarity. 

We want to celebrate this experience together with our community and there is no better place than ://about_blank to do so. 

Directly after Restrealtät, BIPØLAR. and DUAT are going to merge in their second collab at ://about_blank.

© 2021 Elisabeth Mochner


Bipølar. is a berlin-based brand and label of musicians, artists & creative minds which has been established in 2016. In order to visualize the contrast between intuition, structure and aesthetics in contemporary art, we follow the vision to keep the authentic spirit of our human roots alive. The way we come together is inspired by respecting the holistic principles.

We believe in the emerging art as the strongest revolutionary force, because it is based on human creativity, self-determination and self-government - essential for finding creative and innovative ways which lead us into future. Bipølar. is defined by the union of spirit, art & music.



The full EP "STFU" by IZZI BIZZI with remixes by TOBIAS HALL, RASVAL & ONES. is now available on Bandcamp! We were lucky to have a bunch of dedicated Berlin based artists team up to create an official music video to the original version of ‚STFU‘ to visualize the track’s message. The goal was to give artists a platform to create and showcase their work – the video is the result of joint forces, shared dedication and a deeply rooted love for music, techno and the arts. Show your love by listening, watching, liking and sharing the music and video!

‚STFU’ is IZZI BIZZI‘s first release on her Berlin based label Bipølar. An unusually long, spheric but intense build up guides the listener towards an unexpected change of energy. The heavy kick drums open up the musical story of ‚STFU‘. The heart and climax of the track are distorted female shouting vocals that transport the message of the track’s title. The driving acid synths which, alongside the tightening percussive netting, give the track its unique groove.


As a passionate musician and activist of the Berlin techno scene, Izzy made her commitment to keeping intrinsic vibes alive. Her DJ sets oscillate between powerful percussion, blurry acid lines and elements of trancy old school & 90’s techno. Merging these diversified musical patterns into a holistic sound journey mirrors her personality, characterized by an integrated approach. With her alias Anna Ground in live performances, she collaborates with diverse artists, for instance Frederick, combining all kinds of fine arts.

© 2021 Elisabeth Mochner

© 2021 Elisabeth Mochner


Rasval describes himself as young artist, continually eager to inject the new generation’s spirit into subcultural music. While audibly open to new influences, his track selection remains true to his inimitable soundscape. His aspiration is to infuse every single set with the same unifying spirit, he experienced years ago. From cerebral, trippy and deep to powerful and driving Techno, his audiences can expect an expansive spectrum combining new and old tones, constantly making them move.

Tobias Hall

Tobias Hall has been evolving his own interpretation of electronic music, strongly influenced by hardtechno and the psytrance scene at an early stage. Heavy, deep-toned basslines establish a powerful foundation, dreamy melodies contrast this raw basis, casting its spell on the listener. Consequently following his own sharp logic the output is a harmonic sound journey, often described as industrial techno with a positive attitude to psy and acid.

© 2021 Elisabeth Mochner

© 2021 Elisabeth Mochner


Ones., born and raised in Berlin, is a DJ and producer whose biggest motivation pulls him into the studio experimenting. What he loves most is the eternal research for fresh sounds. As a DJ his expertise unleashes in surprising the listener by mixing a lot of different genres carried by a technoid fundament. Fully exploring each spectrum of sound while creating a feeling of weightlessness, which is rounded off by harmonic and wide-ranged spheres, he reshapes the perspective on techno music. Ones. takes you on a musical journey: you never know what you get in the end, but it will be a driving and energetic ride for sure.


Dynamic and driven: GLSKY's energetic personality permeates through all frequencies of his music. An ever perceived calling to express his feelings through his music paved a life path, guided by all kinds of sound. Years of experience, an ever-evolving taste and a mind open to all genres allowed him to develop his skills, senses, and intuition for what he loves most and does best. Heavy bass and raw emotion build a powerful foundation; accompanied by melodic whirlwinds, the spark ignites.

© 2021 Elisabeth Mochner

© 2021 Elisabeth Mochner


The way we express ourselves sets the tone. For Frederick it's both: not only what we say, but also how we say it. Communication goes way beyond words and as a passionate vocalist and writer Frederick’s aim is to grace music with relevant messages, originating from a deep place within the collective consciousness. During live performances, her intuition leads her to match either the mood of the DJ set or the moves of a dancer using abstract sounds, symbolic texts, rapping and spiritual singing.

Anna Ground

Anna Ground composes the smart tension between drone & asymmetric rhythms while evolving a bleak but lightly optimistic atmosphere. She creates a powerful intimacy by bringing together an experimental style between compelling and fragile breakbeats, soothing up to edgy vocals. Anna Ground explores the increase of inner healing through the risen shamanic vibes.

© 2021 Elisabeth Mochner


B777 freshly joined our Bipølar. Artist rooster after being part of the collective for 3 years. As a DJ she puts all of her raw heart energy into exploring the free flow of beats and melody creating her sets with an eclectic and uplifting drive that matches her energy. Every genre is welcome to develop creative soundscapes with a warm, positive atmosphere based on rolling basslines with trippy & organic elements. Her imaginative narrative sends your body into movement and your mind on a trip into the multiverse.


Sequenz 06_1


The habitat we live, move and celebrate in has an immense effect on the emotions we perceive. KRAFT’s vision is to create spaces which influence the visitors mood in a subtle way. With this in mind he contributes to the holistic experience consisting of venue, music and participants. The concept of combining different materials in an aesthetic craftsmanship in order to sculpt a new atmosphere is applicable from dark basements up to large, open festival sites or any other venue providing the freedom for creative transformation.

© 2021 Elisabeth Mochner

© 2021 Elisabeth Mochner


The work done by Awenita mirrors her affection to accompany people discovering their full potential. Whether it's in spurring the crew’s collective development as a team, solving conflicts or helping the individual to find clarity about their personal needs and situation - all kinds of topics addressing personality development find appropriate resonance. Awenita is building bridges to mystic and tribal energies surrounding us by holding space in ceremonies and workshops. A social piece of art comes into life.

Kevin Corbeau (Berlin)

For me as a dancer movement and breathing are ways to connect with the body. When we become one with our body, we stop thinking and our doubts disappear. We have the chance to dive in a field of infinity. Through dance I want to connect our hearts and by that start and support our collective processes. Where heart is, there is no fear and without fear there is space for creativity and new, unknown ways. I want to make connections through dance, be courageous, touch, explore and have fun. I want to express the mixture of male and female energies. What do you feel when you dare to climb over?

© 2021 Johanna Gierl


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