BipølAr. Series 024 | AlvA

Wednesday 15, January 2020 - 1:56 pm


Alva established herself as rising talent in the Berlin underground techno community. As a part of the Ismus collective her musical style is uncompromising, defined by hard hitting, energetic techno ranging upwards 140 bpm. By including both new and old gems her sets guide you through years of electronic music history. Already having hit many of Berlin’s top venues including Tresor, ://about blank and Griessmuehle a milestone in her career manifested in an opening set at the Säule floor at Berghain/Panorama Bar last month. Check out what she prepared for Bipølar.


Tuesday 31, December 2019 - 4:47 pm


2019 manifested itself as a mirror of duality. We did our first Columbia tour, encouraging every single one of us to grow individually simultaneously evolving together as a group. After the second Alien Ritual in February that filled us with a lot of gratitude we had to cancel the third edition due to unpredictable circumstances. At the same time we lost our headquarter to the unstoppable force of gentrification. Appreciate your family, be aware of your environment, trust your intuition. Recognize times when stability is needed but benefit from the flow when it comes to growth. Knowing when borders shall be opened equally when it is necessary to shelter your innermost. What ever 2020 may bring – the surrounding may only be the picture we aim to create, building new dreams on top of the ruins of the old. Let’s jump in it, heads held high without giving a single fuck about yesterday. Remember the future – the future is now.

BipølAr. [051]

Thursday 19, December 2019 - 8:09 pm


21|12  IZZI BIZZI | Melancholie Berlin 🇩🇪
21|12  RASVAL | Melancholie Berlin 🇩🇪
23|12  GLSKY | Grießmühle Berlin 🇩🇪
23|12  IZZI BIZZI | Grießmühle Berlin 🇩🇪
23|12  ONES. | Grießmühle Berlin 🇩🇪
25|12  IZZI BIZZI | Kantine 30 Schwerin 🇩🇪

Art by bonetics art


Wednesday 18, December 2019 - 6:02 pm


Pre-christmas period is the time for reflection and contemplation expressed by genuine emotions. Related to the loss of our homebase we’re facing changes in and around our inner circle, which frightened us in advance. By watching ourselves carefully followed by deep conversations within our team we meanwhile realized the chance to restructure and focus on the things that really matter. The tribe is your home, your family – and this is where your home base shall be, because home is not tied to a place, it is an intense feeling.
So, let’s embrace this ongoing process of finding motivation to follow our passion even in times of hardship, gaining trust in the unknown whilst not losing the magic unleashed by the natural flow of life. More than ever it’s essential to stand together in times like these, always mindfully remembering to care for each other – even more when you may not always feel like it. Time is the crucial factor when it comes to this indescribable aura emanated by certain places. What makes them unique is their transitory – being at the right place surrounded by the right people at the right time – these factors are the stuff of legends and anecdotes.
We are incredibly grateful that we had the chance to participate and grow with and within the KEMP. But now it’s time to move on kicking fear’s ass – stay badass, stay bipølar.! 🧨


WArehouse RAve NYE

Monday 16, December 2019 - 9:56 am


4 crews combine their forces to blow your mind – musically as visually – in an never-seen off-location between Ostkreuz and Modersohnbrücke. To get more information about this gathering and upcoming events become part of our tribe:


Are you ready for this 2019 closing ritual? 🔮

BipølAr. Series 023 | MAtuss

Saturday 14, December 2019 - 12:34 am


US-based, Ukranian artist Matuss depicts herself as having an obsession with music. Back in 2015, she started her own imprint with the well-established producer Abe Duque: Absence Seizure, through which she has been releasing tracks relentlessly. In 5 years, she has released no less than 12 EPs via her imprint and ‘Seizure No. 12’, released in September 2019, received support from Abstract Division, Antonio de Angelis or Joris Voorn among others, and was reviewed by Mixmag who described it as “very minimal, very repetitive, and very effective”. This podcast, featuring only her own tracks, shows the harder side of her production and mixing skills.